Monday, July 29, 2013

Father of the Year goes to......Hunter Mahan!!!

13 under through 2 rounds leading by 2 strokes and you walk away? That is the question that a number or sports fans are asking themselves this morning. One golfer who is not is Hunter Mahan. His wife went in to labor Friday while he was on the range. Mahan promptly picked up and left the Canadian Open to be a part of the birth of his first child Zoe Olivia Mahan. So what did it cost Mahan? Approximately $1,000,000.00 dollars! That is an expensive kid! But as a father of twins myself, I feel Mahan made the right decision. The birth of a child is priceless. The birth of your first child is that, plus some. Its something you can never get back. Of course, then people ask, what if you are leading the Masters or The Open? My humble opinion, you still walk away. You may have the chance to play in those majors again, and possibly win. You will never get the chance to be there for the birth of your first child. There is no time machine, no muligans, nothing. Brandt Snedeker said it best "Zoe will be getting a very nice baby gift from me..." With that being said, congrats to the Mahan family on their new addition!

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