Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jazz taking on new look Kings and Rudy Gay tonight...

  The Utah Jazz head to "Sac town" tonight for a battle with the Sacramento Kings.  This will be a different team than the Jazz lost to on Saturday.  The Kings pulled off a 7 player trade, acquiring the rights to Rudy Gay, Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy.  Gay and Acy seem the most likely to get minutes for the Kings tonight.  This has also opened up an opportunity for BYU product Jimmer Freddett to get some increased minutes.  Jimmer was a DNP for the Kings Saturday night versus the Jazz.

  In the first game against the Kings, the Jazz were without the likes of Derrick Favors and Marvin Williams.  That stretched the Jazz thin and the did not have the size to battle with Cousins and Thompson.  Derrick Favors is said to be a game time decision.  Hopefully Favors is ready to go.  He has been a huge factor for the Jazz prior to the back spasms.  Favors offense is really developing.  He and Trey seemed to be getting into a rhythm and were playing really well.  Derrick was also showing off a nice little "pick and pop" ten footer, and we know what he brings on the defensive end.

  The last 2 games I have been impressed with Enes Kanter and his offensive game.  He is not hesitating on his 17 footer and is causing the defender to pull out on him.  Versus Portland he hit a couple of back to back jumpers, causing Lopez to close out hard.  Kanter blew by him for a dunk.  Its good to see Enes has the "green light" to shoot that shot.  He is a capable shooter with good touch.  This will pay dividends when Favors gets back in the line up.  This will help to spread the defense out some.  I would like to Enes pull the trigger on a 3pt shot or two also.  Pretty sure he does not have the go-ahead on that one yet, but I see no reason not to.  That is ultimately what the organization would like to see him develop some, so there is no better time than now to start shooting that shot.

  The back court of Trey Burke and Alec Burks have been playing fantastic.  Alec is averaging 17.4 pts over the last 6 ball games.  He has really benefited from the return of Trey, as well as, understanding his role on the team.  Alec is getting his points by doing what he does best, attacking the basket.  When he attacks he has incredible hang time and body control in the paint, allowing him to convert numerous 3pt plays.  Trey Burke has been as steady as they get.  I am not sure we expected him to be this good this early in the season.  He is getting a great feel for the offense and his teammates and putting them in a position to be successful.  Trey is learning quickly and is not turning the ball over too much.  He is playing with in the context of the offense and is being aggressive when the opportunity presents itself.

  Tonight's match-up is going to be difficult for the Jazz.  They do have an advantage with the fact that Sacramento is trying to work in a new player.  This may cause some confusion on the offensive end for the Kings.  The Jazz will need to take full advantage of the Kings lack of familiarity.  This trade make the Kings a very explosive team offensively, thus requiring a great TEAM DEFENSIVE EFFORT.  Watch the effort in the first 8 minutes.  If the Jazz are not getting after it (defensive glass, 50/50 balls etc) its going to be hard to get a victory on the road.  Time to fight and show some toughness.....GO JAZZ!

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