Monday, December 9, 2013

Jazz vs Blazers 2.0....Same result Jazz fall 105-94.

  The Jazz could not put together a full 48 tonight.  Enes Kanter and Alec Burks had big games for the Jazz, but it was not enough.  Jazz fell to the Blazers 105-94.  The Jazz just didn't have enough in the tank.  Lets take a look....

  • Trey needed to be aggressive with Favors out.
  • Not sure if Gordon Hayward is the one the Jazz want initiating the offense.
  • Saw Ty do something with Kanter I have not seen him do all season, Kanter came out of the game late in the first quarter, instead of chewing him out and stomping around as Kanter went to the bench, Ty stopped Enes and took the time to teach and coach.
  • Jazz were tied at 22-22 at the end of the first.
  • Team rebounding for the Jazz was not good in the 2nd quarter.
  • Thomas Robinson is really a disappointing player. 3 teams and really no results.
  • Trey got the "rook" treatment from the officials in the 2nd. Driving to the basket, not getting any calls.
  • Slump is really affecting all facets of Hayward's game. He has not learned how to work himself out of it.
  • Jazz did not get any calls tonight. They were clearly the aggressors all night and did not get any calls.
  • Alec Burks has been killing it the last 6 games.  
  • Burks playing with all the heart for the team.
  • Burks played a lot of 1 on 5, was not getting any help from anyone else on the floor.  Portland started to collapse hard on him.
  • If the entire team played with the heart and effort that Mike Harris plays with, the Jazz would not lose many games.
  • Kanter had another good game offensively.  Still not where he needs to be on the boards.

  Couple of ideas from this game.  How long does Hayward's slump last?  Does this have any effect on what the Jazz decide to do long term with Gordon?  I think we can safely say that Gordon is not a number one option.  I find it interesting that Jazz continually run or initiate the offense through Gordon.  Trey Burke is the one guy on this team that seems to have that "it" factor.  I feel the Jazz should be running more offense through Trey.  When Favors is there I would like to see the Jazz play a little more inside out.  I think these are a couple philosophies that the Jazz should look at.  Couple guys had good nights, but for the Jazz to win it has to be a team effort.

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