Sunday, November 24, 2013

New line up, same result...Jazz get clobbered in OKC.

  Personal disclosure: as a Jazz fan I can tolerate losses.  I can tolerate blowouts.  What I can't tolerate is a lack of effort across the board, from players and staff.  No one showed up tonight.  This is not acceptable.
  Now that's out of the way, Jazz really struggled tonight.  They looked tired and disinterested.  Let's take a look....

  • New starting lineup, Trey Burke, Gordon Hayward, Richard Jefferson, Marvin Williams, Derrick Favors.
  • New lineup had major growing pains.  No consistency on offense, guys don't know where to be.
  • Early first quarter Richard Jefferson pump fakes Durant, gets landed on by Durant, no call, ball turned over.
  • Positive....Jeremy Evans play hard always.  
  • Kanter is mentally broken.  Has no confidence.
  • Offensive sets, Jazz don't cut hard.  That kills the offense.
  • Jazz did not attack the basket at all.
  • Jazz got no play in the post or in the paint.
  • I like Diante Garrett's effort.  Plays hard and tried to rebound from the guard position.
  • Team rebounding is killing this team.  They are just bad.
  • Down 17 in the first half....again.
  • Gordon missed 2 layups early, stopped being aggressive.
  • On offense there was no continuity whatsoever.
  • This was interesting, Coach Lowe in the halftime interview, seemed disinterested....not good.
  • Gordon Hayward as no leash whatsoever.  He can make mistakes and struggle, stays in the game.  Hard as a teammate to watch that and know that is not the case for you.
  • Jazz lack of aggressiveness showed, Ibaka gets first foul of the game with 1 minute left in the 3rd.  Jazz did not challenge the interior of the Thunder.
  • Jazz did get decent looks out of offense, just can't make anything.
  • I'm ready to trade for Jimmer.  Atleast he can knock down an open shot....
  • Maybe Jeremy Evans is a guy that needs to start.  He starts fast may be that spark they need.
  • Lastly, this really bothered me.  Kanter went hard and challenged a shot, came down awkwardly, twisted ankle pretty bad.  Gutted it out got down on offense, the Jazz got fouled and he came out of the game.  Not one member of the staff came to check on him.  I bet it took them 2 minutes before they noticed him with his head between his legs, grimacing in pain.  That's not ok.

  I am not an NBA coach, not a college coach, I don't do this professionally but there are a few things off  right now.  The unfortunate thing, Ty is losing the locker room.  That can't happen.  Players will start to turn on each other and the staff.  The players have to take some onus on themselves, to get in the gym, practice where they are lacking.  They have to be the ones that put forth the effort to get better and become great.  Right now I am not sure where they are going to get that fire from.  Always easier said than done, but this is Trey Burke's chance to make this team his.  Make these guys respect him and lead this team.  Its becoming evident that this may not be something that Hayward can do.  He will be a great #2 or second fiddle, but he clearly can not be your "lead dog".  Tough, hard to be this negative....

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Clint Wilber said...

It is tough, but as a fellow Jazz fan sometimes the reality is painful. I especially agree with your observations of Jeremy Evans. He seems like a very positive guy and a quick starter. He needs more minutes and if he can continue to show this level of play, he needs to be in the starting line up. I understand a rebuilding season, but they are in "damage to franchise" territory now.