Friday, November 22, 2013

24 minutes too late....Jazz fall....

  The Utah Jazz waited for the second half to start playing tonight in Dallas.  The Mavericks get the win 103-93.  Jazz record now sits at 1-13.  The second half was a completely different game for the Jazz as they actually battled and looked like they thought they could get back in the game and get a win.  Let's take a look....

  • Getting this stuff out of the way early.....
  • This was the worst officiated game so far this year.
  • Mav's got "Vet calls" early and often.
  • 8:40 mark in the 4th quarter, Dirk drove to the basket, whistle was blown before there was any contact....laughable.
  • 3 minute mark in the 4th, Dirk posting, whistle blown on Alec before contact again and got the continuation.  Game over....
  • This team does not start well at all.
  • Jazz start struggling and Ty starts making subs searching for a spark with no rhyme or reason.
  • Jazz opponents are playing 5 on 4 when it comes to defense.  No one guards John Lucas.
  • The Mavericks ball movement is unreal!  
  • The difference in the game tonight was youth versus experience.
  • Jeremy Evans is playing with a lot of energy and shooting the ball really well.
  • Marvin Williams continues to play strong.  May be the Jazz mid-level exception this summer.
  • Derrick Favors total defense is improving.  Broke up a number of passes finished with 3 steals.
  • 6'3" Monta Ellis was guarding 6'8" Gordon Hayward....Jazz did not take advantage.
  • Not even the officials respect Ty.  Watched them more or less laugh off Ty's argument more than once.  This is Ty's own fault.
  • Trey Burke hates to lose!  I think he is going to be a really good point guard.
  • Jazz bench was really good tonight.
  • Jazz do not take advantage of mismatches. They don't seem to look for them or exploit them.
  • 7 minute mark in the 3rd, Jazz finally take advantage of mismatch, Jefferson in the post, scores on Ellis.
  • Jazz cut the lead to 10 with a lineup of Garret, Burks, Evans, Kanter and Williams.
  • This may have been the last game that John Lucas starts.  Got a feeling Trey is the guy Sunday night.
  • Shawn Marion has the ugliest shot in the game!  I have no idea how he makes a single jumper.
  • Ty is willing to try all of these different lineups 6 minutes in to the game and the Jazz already down 12.  Time to look at shaking up the starting lineup.  
  • It shouldn't take getting your butt whipped for a team to show a little fight.
  • Jazz had cut the lead to 5, Mav's scored the next 8 points.  Game over.
If the games were played just in the second half the Utah Jazz would be a plus .500 team.  Radio voice of the Utah Jazz, David Locke, made a good point this morning on his Tipoff Podcast.  He mentioned if this is the "season of discovery" that we need to do some "radical" things.  Try some new stuff.  Unheard of stuff.  Maybe you stumble on to something that is very good or effective, changes or revolutionizes the game.  It something that this team needs to look at can't hurt.....right?

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About US said...

Garrett is an underrated passer and defender. Needs to take all of Lucas' minutes. Radical changes? Marvin at 4 and Evans at 3. Jeremy can play most true 3s