Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Must Watch College Hoops Tonight!

OK folks, if you are a huge college hoops fan as I am or if your NBA team is a bit of a "cellar dweller" that is all the more reason to tune in tonight and catch some college hoops.  There are some huge match-ups tonight in Champions Classic in Chicago.  #1 University of Kentucky taking on #2 Michigan State.  Kentucky has super freshman Julius Randle thought to be one of the top 3 picks in this summers NBA draft.  Michigan State has Gary Harris and Adreian Payne both players thought to be first round picks.  But what may be the marquee match-up of the night, The Duke Blue Devils and Jabari Parker take on the Kansas Jayhawks and Andrew Wiggins!  This is must see TV!

  Parker and Wiggins very well could be the top two picks in this summers draft.  Parker seems to have an NBA ready body and game.  Very polished, with the size to play inside and the touch to shoot it from deep.  Parker is also more athletic than he is give credit for.  Many compare him to Carmelo Anthony.  I would say that is a very fair comparison.

  Andrew Wiggins is a supreme athlete.  They just don't make them like this kid very often.  The last player with the kind of athleticism that Wiggins possess was Lebron James.  Now Wiggins and James games are vastly different at this stage in their careers.  Lebron was more polished, had a great handle and unbelievable vision.  Wiggins has a good handle but is still extremely raw.  He realize upon his athleticism, which is something he can't do as much in college.  Wiggins does have good form on his jumper but just needs time in the gym shooting jumper after jumper.  What makes Wiggins really specially is his ability to play defense.  He is long, explosive and quick.  Qualities that can make a top flight defender in both college and the NBA.

   Utah Jazz radio voice David Locke spoke with NBA types, last night and was told that tonight's games could have as many as 16+ first round picks.  Here are a few more names to watch tonight.....Joel Embiid Kansas, Arron and Andrew Harrison Kentucky, Alex Poythress Kentucky, Rasheed Sulaimon Duke, Willey Cauley-Stein Kentucky, Wayne Selden Kansas.

  If all these players declare for this summers draft as well as the many other super talented prospects, this could very well be the best draft in NBA history.  Not just from a super star stand point, but from a late first round early second round player being very good, very successful NBA players.  Its going to be a great season for college basketball!

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