Monday, November 11, 2013

No gold for Jazz versus the Nuggets.....Jazz still O-fer...

  The Utah Jazz started the first half looking like they were going to get their first win of the season versus the Denver Nuggets.  Then there was a disappearing act....Gordon Hayward had 18 points in the first half, just 4 points in the second half.  Jazz fall 100-81.  If Gordon wants to be paid like a franchise player he must play a full 48.  Lets recap.....

  • Gordon was extremely aggressive early.  First 2 attempts he attacked the basket.
  • Team defensive was great early on.  Guys talking, "helping the helper" great rotations.
  • Hayward wants to win, there is no question about that.  First quarter diving for loose balls.
  • Favors offensive game was solid tonight.  Hit consecutive baseline jumpers in the first quarter.
  • Marvin Williams helped spread the floor.  Knocked down 2-3 from deep.
  • Jazz moved the ball really well in the first half.
  • Jazz ran mainly pick and roll, screen and re-screen.  Really good movement out of that offense.
  • Andre Miller still getting the crafty vet calls....
  • Jazz get complacent the final 3 minutes of half, stopped attacking the basket.
  • Rebounding is about effort.  The Jazz need better TEAM EFFORT on the defensive boards.
  • Second half Jazz shooting struggles continue.
  • Jazz passing accuracy was not good.  Slowed down the offensive efficiency with bad passes out of the post or while swinging the ball.
  • Positive, Rudy Gobert is really progressing.  Guy plays hard whenever he is on the court.  Is a  positive on the development side of things.
  • Alec Burks is so much better when he does not have to be the primary ball handler.
  • Jazz down 2 in the 4th, 72-70 but momentum had clearly shifted.  Ty waited till the Jazz were down 6 to call time out.  Game was over at that point.  Young fragile players need the coach to coach them through those tough spots.
  • Richard Jefferson continues to struggle with his jumper.  Makes a concerted effort to get to the basket because of it.
  • Team effort on the boards all night long was not there.  Rebounders need to be more than Kanter, Favors and Gobert.
  • Jazz got killed on the board 52-35 that alone may be the difference in the game.
  • Favors with 13 rebounds next was Alec Burks with 5.  Not good enough.
  • Jazz shoot 69% from the free-throw line.
  • Jazz had 11 assist as a team.  Tinsley leads the way with 3 assists.
  • Gordon had 7 turnovers to 2 assists.  He like Burks can not be relied upon as primary ball handler.
  • Trey Burke has been cleared to resume solo basketball activity.  Will be reevaluated November 25th.
Oh so close....
  While it is tough to watch them continue to lose, I think there were more positives than negatives tonight.  I still need to see the staff get after the officials and help these young guys get some respect.  They are doing everything they can to get the calls by attacking and playing hard but are not getting the calls.  Need the staff's help just to push that over the edge a bit.  If the Jazz can get a full 48 minutes out of the "core 4" they will get their first win.  

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