Monday, November 18, 2013

Tonight's game on our terms....

  The Utah Jazz fell to the Golden State Warriors 88-102.  The Jazz had no answer for Steph Curry or Klay Thompson.  The Jazz's Derrick Favors had another really nice game.  The Jazz as a team, were killed on the boards, out rebounded 42-32.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a recap out for the game so this will be a bit of a hybrid post.....look at a few of the things from Saturday's game and somethings to build on for tonight's match-up....

  • Love the way Favors has been starting games.  Very aggressive and getting shots within the context of the offense.  
  • I hate the sleeved jerseys.  That is not a good look....PERIOD.
  • Ty had a really short leash, specifically on Burks and Kanter.  
  • If you can't stop penetration, you will not beat anyone, let alone the Warriors.
  • Jazz need to be more physical.  If they are going to take fouls, make sure the other team feels it.
  • Gordon's 5-23 effort really affected him early in Golden State.
  • Diante Garrett is learning what its like to play in the NBA every night....nerves got the best of him the last 2 games.
  • Warriors are the epitome of tanking....ruined it for the rest of us....
  • Kanter relies on his jumper too much....needs to get back in the post and use those post moves....
  • Gordon Hayward has been over dribbling.  I understand a "search dribble"  but his is without a purpose.
  • Tonight the Jazz need to "hedge" better on the pick and roll.  Can't just let Curry get to where he wants to every time.
  • The Jazz must TEAM REBOUND tonight.  Gordon Hayward MUST get more than 2 rebounds.
  • Ty needs to stick to his rotations.  He can't have such a short leash on two of the main cogs, in Burks and Kanter.  This really rattles this young team and they need to battle through it early in the season.
  • Jazz did get to the line 16 times....need that effort plus some.
  • DRAW and KICK.....This will help the Jazz get better shots....they have to be aggressive and attack.
  • I would like to see more plays in the post from both Favors and Kanter.

  Really could have been a "copy and paste" job for tonight's game as far as a preview goes.  This one boils down to effort.  Being at home, not a back to back and the crowd behind this team gives the Jazz a shot.  GO JAZZ!

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