Monday, November 18, 2013

No Toughness, No Win....Jazz need more of it....

Needs to play if he is going to develop.

  This one was hard to watch.  Jazz fall 98-87.  The first quarter looked good from the Jazz, then they ran into shooting woes in the 2nd.  It was all up hill from there.  The Jazz did make a couple of pushes to get back in the game but fell short.  Lets take a look......

  • Jazz shooting jumpers early.
  • Team rebounding is not very good.  The wings expect Kanter and Favors to get all the boards.
  • Jazz get good shots in the first quarter with post play and the draw and kick.
  • Jazz shoot 33% in the first quarter.
  • Jazz show very little toughness.  No hard fouls, nobody getting after anyone.
  • Call me "Old School" but if a team is filling it up and rubbing it in with hand gestures and what not, I am laying a high hard one on someone.
  • Favors is the catalyst for this teams heart.  \
  • Jazz made a run in the 3rd, cut lead to 13 at one point then the officials saddled Hayward and Favors with their 4th fouls respectively.  Both questionable calls....
  • Marvin Williams is playing really good basketball right now.  Aggressive and hitting the 3.
  • Diante Garrett gave the team a nice spark the last 4 minutes of the 3rd.
  • Garrett gets to the basket, drawing the defense in, causing rotation and havoc.  Sets up the Jazz for good looks and offensive rebounds.
  • End of the 2nd and starting of the 3rd looked like the Jazz were done. 
  • First possession of the 4th Warriors get 2 offensive rebounds. On the 3rd attempt, Warriors score.
  • Heavy minutes for Jefferson taking its toll, no legs in the 4th, coming up short on jumpers.
  • I  am a firm believer in the Jazz and the pick and roll.  With that being said it has to be done with the right personnel.  Not having Trey makes that offense difficult. Jazz may be better off working the post play with Favors and Kanter.
  • Gordon would be well served to work on his post game.  Generally has a size advantage on whoever is guarding him
  • Mark Jackson is far too smug for my taste.  Also don't care for the things he said after leaving the Jazz.
  • Bogut understands how to give a hard foul.  Hammered Gordon on a semi-break.
  • Kanter let Thompson split a trap and get an easy bucket.
  • Curry goes out of the game in the 4th and the Jazz effort falls of at that point.
  • Klay Thompson could show Gordon how to post up.
  • Kanter had the opportunity to lay the same kind of foul on Barnes that Bogut did on Hayward, didn't happen.
  • Jazz still don't run the break to score....missing too many opportunities in transition.
  • Jazz shot better from the 3 then they did from the field.
  • Jefferson shoots 2-9 and plays 31+ minutes, Burks goes 0-5 and plays only 23 minutes.
  • Ty clearly still somewhat vet loyal.  If you are trying to develop young players, Burks, Clark, and Garrett are players that need to be playing.

  I guess the theme of this game for me tonight, is the Jazz just need to show some toughness and fight.  I can live with the Jazz going 1-81 on the season if they put up a fight.  These 2 games against the Warriors, there was very little of that.  I remember all the buzz about Kanter when he was drafted, that he had a nasty side to him.  Where is it?  People can blame Alec Burks for not being able to shoot, the entire starting lineup shot poorly,  I believe Alec can develop int to a capable shooter.  Tony Parker could not shoot his first 4-5 seasons in the league.  Derrick Rose could not shoot his first 2 seasons.  This is something that can be improved across the board for the team.  Its just a matter of spending time in the gym and getting up shots.  Ian Clark played 4 minutes at the end of the game and was hot.  Made Golden State put their starters back in since the Jazz closed the lead to 11.  These games are hard to watch when the effort is just not there.  Gotta be better Jazz.

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