Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Welcome back #3...Tonight's your night!!!

  The day that Jazz fans have been waiting all summer and fall has finally arrived!  TREY BURKE IS BACK!!!  Tonight the Jazz take on the the New Orleans Pelicans for the second time in this young season.  The Jazz got their only win of the season versus the Pelicans.  So look for the Pel's to be motivated to avenge that loss.  But the talk of the night for Jazz fans will be the return of Trey.  So instead of previewing the match-up we will preview the return of Trey Burke and the effect he has on the team and game....

  • Ty will use Trey in short stints tonight.  
  • Trey only shot 33% in the couple of preseason games he played.  So don't expect him to light it up offensively.
  • This will be the first opportunity to see what the Jazz offense is supposed to be.
  • It will be interesting to see if they keep the ball in Trey's hands a lot.
  • Trey is a very good pick and roll point guard.  It will be interesting to see if the Jazz run P&R as primary set.
  • Defensively Trey will have his hands full with Jrue Holiday.  
  • The Pel's will put Trey in the pick and roll a lot tonight.  He is going to struggle with conditioning and fighting through the pick.
  • Watch Trey's handle and shot.  Watch to see how much he covers or protects that finger.
  • Trey really wants to play.  The night he was cleared he wanted to get on the court, they told him no.
  • Watch how his return helps the likes of Alec, Gordon and Derrick specifically.  These three players will be much better with their point guard.
  • Trey will have nerves.  Being on the road may help curb that some.
  • It will be interesting to see how Ty splits the minutes at the PG position.
  • I had been questioning that Jazz toughness some, Trey will bring some of the toughness that is lacking.  He does not have a problem showing his emotion and how bad he wants to win.
  These are just a few things to watch for tonight from Trey and the Jazz.  The Pels did get a nice win the other night in Philly, but they still are struggling.  Ryan Anderson is back in the line-up for New Orleans and hit 6 three's the other night.  The Jazz bigs will be tested on the pick and pop.  The Jazz also get the services of Jeremy Evans back tonight, but lose Marvin Williams for tonight's game.  Marvin is having a procedure done on his broken nose but should be back with the team Friday in Dallas  Jeremy will be a nice addition, as he is a "hustle guy".  Every team really needs a "hustle guy" and that is something that Jeremy can bring to the team.  Glad to see the team getting healthy again.  Should help the players out, as they are able to slip into the roles that they are supposed to be in.  Now its really going to be on Ty and the staff to develop this young team and see improvement.  2 weeks and we will see where everyone is at......GO JAZZ!

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