Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Big Easy" not so easy for Burke and the Jazz.

  Mark the day, November 20th, 2013 the first NBA game for Jazz point guard Trey Burke.  Unfortunately for the Jazz they were unable to come away with a win.  Jazz 98 Pelicans 105.  Jazz fought hard the full 48, and barring a few mental lapses, had a chance to steal this one.  Lets take a look....

  • Early in the game, Jazz rotations on defense were good.  Getting hands in the passing lanes, getting deflections.
  • The officials clearly do not understand the "verticality" rule.  Missing on this call more than any other.
  • Trey Burke checks in at the 4 minute mark in the first quarter.  Drives to the hoop on first play and gets the bucket.
  • Jeremy Evans was a pleasant surprise.  Knocked down jumpers 4-4. Played solid defense
  • The Jazz had 5 blocks in the first quarter.  Finished the game with 7 total...
  • I think Alec Burks may be the most excited of the Jazz players to have Trey back.
  • The bigs were not aggressive enough in the 2nd quarter.
  • The Jazz have a hard time stringing plays together.  They can get one stop, but not multiple stops.  Or they will get a good defensive stop, but will give up the offensive rebound.
  • No run of Ian Clarke tonight?
  • Richard Jefferson played 41+ minutes again.  I understand that this is due to the struggles of Alec tonight, but you are burning Jefferson and his effectiveness.
  • Kanter was killing the jumper tonight.
  • Who was that Jazz team in the 3rd quarter?  Knocking down 3 after 3.  Lucas scored 11 in the quarter.
  • New Orleans Al-Farouq Aminu plays hard, but has bad hair.
  • Kanter ripped down a defensive rebound right out of the hands of Anthony Davis.
  • When Lucas got hot it was in the context of the offense.  The Jazz continued to try to get him the ball, but started to force the opportunities.  Killed the offensive flow.
  • Tyreke still going right....always right....
  • Jazz were right were they wanted to be going in to the 4th quarter.  Still learning how to close out games.
  • Trey started the 4th quarter out with a nice rip from Morrow, scored on the other end.
  • Trey's command of the pick and roll was fantastic.  He runs it and resets it if he does not get anything out of it.
  • Trey hit a great 3 out of the pick and roll.  He is going to make a huge improvement to the Jazz offense.
  • Trey was rolling early in the 4th and, sure enough, was pulled.  I understand minute restrictions, but....
  • I have a concern with the inequality between the players and the staff.  Kanter and Burks miss on any rotation or turn the ball over, they get reamed.  Hayward missed on a close out on Evans on a 3 and the reaction is different.  Then misses on back to back defensive assignments resulting in 2 fouls.  No reaction from Ty.  
  • I understand that Hayward is supposed to be the man, but Sloan expected the same thing from Stockton and Malone as his did from Greg Foster.  Greg Popovich expects the same thing from Duncan and Parker as he does from Patty Mills.  Ty needs to do the same....

  There were some really costly struggles tonight for the Jazz.  Hayward shoots 1-17 and looks dejected the entire time.  Alec Burks turned the ball over 4 times and was -15 on the +/-.  The Jazz really hurt themselves not getting to the line tonight, shot 20 free-throws to the Pel's 33.  On a positive side, the Jazz were 8-24 from 3, shooting 33%.  The majority of those shots came in the context of the offense again, a major plus.
Trey Burke had 11pts 1 reb, 1 ast, 1stl.  Not a bad first night for Trey.  I love what he brings to this team.  He wants to win, has toughness, and knows what he can do.  I hate the "comparison game", but Trey reminds me of Allen Iverson a bit.  He seems to have the same bounce and swagger that Iverson had.  Trey is going to be really good for this team, and I think over the next couple of weeks we will see the kind of development that we want from this young squad.

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