Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where does your allegiance lie?

NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football, College Basketball.  Sporting events, as a fan, I enjoy all of these things.  In a calendar year, each has a time and a place in my sports viewing lifestyle.  Is there a favorite?  A league, game or event that is more enjoyable or exciting to watch?

  When it comes to sports, I feel like I have watched it all at one time or another.  I have watched all of the mainstream sports or events.  I have also watched others that may not be considered mainstream, such as, Indy car racing, Nascar, UFC, X-games and many others.  All these events are exciting and have their own following.  I love the excitement, pressure and adrenalin that all these events provide.

Where do you, as a sports fan invest the majority of time?

My rank looks something like this....

  For me this is an 11 calendar month sport.  I love the draft, free-agency, summer league, preseason, regular season and playoffs.  I watch it all.  I DVR the summer league games for pete-sake!  I can not get enough basketball.  But this is the sport I played the most growing up.  Being 6'6" tall would seem to make a little sense that this is where my heart was at.

2.College Basketball
  I enjoy college basketball a great deal.  One of my favorite times of the year is March Madness.  I am known to take a week off just to watch the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament.  There is nothing like it!  Win or go home and the kids give it everything they've got.

3.College Football
  Even with the BCS, NCAA and rampant corruption issues in college football, it is still something to behold. I lived in Austin Texas, Longhorn country!  These people start tailgating on Thursday night before a game on Saturday!  I also have the pleasure of living in Utah and there is nothing like the "Holy War" BYU vs. UTAH!  Yeah its sad to see that game go away for a couple of years.  But in the long run, I think it will make that game even more special.

  Right now, watching Peyton Manning do what he is with the Denver Broncos is amazing!  I have never seen a football player more intelligent!  Its like he is playing a game with the defense at times.  This league is full of monsters.  Guys like JJ Watt, Adrian Peterson, Vernon Davis.  They do things that just don't seem humanly possible.

The rest of the sports or events are all kind of equal for me.  Last year I watched more Stanley Cup playoffs then I had ever watched.  They were fantastic!  I also love October, and the MLB playoffs.  There isn't a day or night in my week that I am not looking for some sort of sport or event to watch.  So I ask the question again, Where do your allegiances lie?

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