Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jazz get distracted by the bright lights on broadway, get thumped by the Nets.

  The Utah Jazz looked star struck tonight in Brooklyn as the Jazz fall to the Nets 104-88.  For one Jazz player, Ian Clarke, it was the first time he had ever been to New York.  The Jazz youth clearly looked intimidated by the names on the backs of the Nets jerseys and the number of future hall of famer's they were up against.  Here are some highlights and low-lights from tonight's game.....

  • Early in the first quarter, the Jazz spacing was terrible.  Brooklyn packing the paint.
  • Rush gets his first minutes in over a year at the 5 minute mark in the first quarter.
  • As expected Rush is tentative and nervous.
  • Jazz go small in the first quarter with JLIII, Burks, Hayward, Rush and Favors.
  • Jazz closed the quarter with the ball in Burks hands, he creates a draw and kick to Hayward, misses the 3, Burks gets the rebound and is fouled on a 3. Only converts 1-3 free-throws.
  • Jazz give up 28 pts in the first quarter.
  • Jazz could not hit a shot. 
  • Kanter looked tired.  Battling Lopez will do that to you.  Also the first time he has really logged heavy minutes.
  • Rotations in the first half were poor.  Team missed a lot on the "help the helper" situations.
  • Gobert gets called for 2 fouls where he appeared to be straight up.  Hard to be a rookie.
  • Lopez is a really BIG MAN!
  • Gordon looks to be having an internal battle, being a scorer or a facilitator.
  • Burks played a lot of minutes at the point guard position.
  • With 5 minutes left in the second quarter, the Nets put their starters back in and built a lead.  Jazz had cut lead to 3.
  • Tough sequence, Jefferson goes for a dunk appears to get body contact from Lopez, no call. Nets take the ball in transition on the other end Favors same position/vertical and the call is made, costing Favors his 3rd foul and putting Lopez on the line.
  • Andrei Kirilenko has nice hair.
  • Jazz ran a lot of "FLEX" tonight.  Looked like the defense was dictating that, as the Nets packed the paint.
  • Pick and Roll was used late in the shot clock.  Seem to be a last ditch effort.
  • Jazz may need to run more touches in the post for Favors.  He may not be polished, but his size dictates a double team.
  • Jazz turned the ball over 21 times....
  • Jazz shoot 73.3% from the Free-throw line 22-30
  • Ian Clarke did get some minutes tonight.  Would like to see the him get a few more minutes.  But he has to earn them.
  • Richard Jefferson was 0-4 from 3pt.
  • Trey is on the road trip.  Supposed to go back to the doc on the 11th.  Hopefully gets a clean bill of health.
  This was a hard game to watch tonight.  Can't say I didn't see it coming. but did not make it any easier.  Jazz just looked a bit lethargic tonight.  Kanter and Hayward both scored the ball well tonight.  No one other than Rudy Gobert had double digits in rebounds.  The Jazz need to have a short memory.  They turn around and play the other "cellar dweller" team in the Boston Celtics tomorrow night.  This team is going to have to learn to put these types of losses out of their mind as soon as possible, so they can move forward and prepare for the next game.  Not much else can be said....just hard.....

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