Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Luck of the Irish, Boston gets their first win. Jazz fall to 0-5

 Ouch! The Utah Jazz fall to the Boston Celtics 87-97.  Jazz had a great opportunity to pick up their first win of the season tonight but lacked effort other than the 1st and 4th quarter.  There are far too many negatives than positives on a night like tonight and really don't want to make excuses for the Jazz or the staff.  Simply put the Jazz have to be better.  They are a better team then they have shown in the last couple of games.  Lets recap....

  • Early in the first quarter, the Jazz were getting a lot of deflections, playing the passing lanes but not getting any steals.
  • Positive, Derrick Favors is evolving as a passer, seeing the floor better.
  • The Jazz pushed the tempo really well in the first quarter.
  • Jazz still not getting any calls from the officials.  Excuse, maybe. But Ty needs to get a T and put officials on notice.
  • Ty also seems to do more screaming and yelling at this young team than teaching and developing.  The only person that is noticeably teaching these kids is Brad Jones.  Maybe be his role, but it should not solely be his.
  • Jazz ran a lot of the new sets again tonight.  Completely derailed the team in the second quarter.  
  • Did you see Trey Burkes pants?
  • Second quarter the Jazz couldn't throw it in the ocean if they wanted to.  Had some decent shots, nothing fell.
  • The officials really got to this young team tonight. Specifically Derrick Favors.
  • The Jazz seemed to be thinking more than playing or reacting.
  • Back to back games where Richard Jefferson struggled from the field.
  • Ian Clark did get a considerable amount of time tonight.  Was not overly effective.
  • Substitutions were completely different in the second half.  No subs till 2 minutes left in the quarter
  • The Jazz closed the game with Burks, Clark, Hayward, Harris and Kanter.
  • Jazz stopped running the new sets in the 4th quarter, cut the lead to single digits.
  • Ty's game management was questionable.
Consolation Prize...
 Not a lot can be said about tonight's game.  In my humble opinion, the front office and the staff are going to be responsible for the regression of young players, specifically Burks and Hayward.  They did not provide a capable back up point guard.  Yes, no one knew that Trey would get hurt.  But the staff and front office are asking far too much from a pair of players that have never been asked to do so much.  They are trying to make these players something that they are not and it may hurt their development.  The staff and Ty specifically needs to do a better job fighting for these guys.  I understand its the players out there on the floor and they are the ones that need to go out and win the game. But they need to know their coach has their back.  On a positive note, Gordon Hayward is really going to work.  I have been really impressed with his effort and his work on the boards.  If Gordon continues to play the way he has the last 2 games he may play himself into that max contract that he is looking for.  I have been on record saying that I can't see him as a #1 option, but he may be a really good #2 option.  There are going to be some really tough decisions for the front office going forward this season and off-season with both players and coaching staff.....

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