Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rockets hit orbit in the 2nd half...Jazz stay grounded....

  Utah Jazz fall to the Houston Rockets 104-93.  Jazz now 0-3 on the season.  This game was a lot closer than the final score reads.  The Jazz controlled nearly 3 quarters of the game and held a lead of 19 points at one time.  Houston had a strong second half and really took the Jazz out of what they wanted to do.  Lets take a look....

  • Early in the game, the crowd was in to the game and the players really need to feed off that.
  • First quarter, Favors had a great steal in the post and came out leading the break, made a pass to Jefferson and he fumble the ball.
  • Defense in the first half was just about perfect.
  • The Jazz may lead the league in offensive rebounding.  Great job on the offensive boards.
  • Jazz are getting no respect from their opponent or the officials.
  • Gordon Hayward dunked on Aaron Brooks and was clearly call.
  • Chandler Parsons is really underrated.  Had 20 pts in the first half/
  • Mike Harris is not afraid of anyone in this league.  Went right at Howard and Asik.
  • Jazz were up 12 at one point gave up 2 quick buckets. Ty made a good time out call and the Jazz came out and scored the next possession.
  • Jazz did run some "FLEX" offense and did so effectively.
  • John Lucas really struggled from deep tonight.  Seem to only make difficult 2's.
  • As a team, the Jazz were aggressive taking the ball to the hoop and challenging Houston's bigs.
  • Gordon Hayward missed a close out on Parsons with 5:30 left in the fourth that lead to a Jeremy Lin 3.  The game was lost at that point.
  • Burks has to be better at the Free-throw line 2-4
  • As a team the Jazz were better from the line 21-27 77.8%, other than Hayward 0-2 and Burks.
  • Jazz fans leaving with 3 minutes left, need to stick around and support this team better.  This was not a blow out!  Stick around!
  • Jeremy Lin was really good the last 6 minutes.  Ran the pick and roll really well and kept dribble alive.
  • Jazz limited their turnover tonight 15
  • Houston shot 35 free-throws to the Jazz home cooking, no respect.
  • Omer Asik has bad hair.
The Jazz battled hard.  These are the growing pains that Jazz fans knew they would have to endure.  That being said this team needs those fans to support them, not bail early.  Yeah, maybe the support may not change the outcome of the game.  But it does effect the players mentality and the kind of effort they will put out.  I guess if you want to look at something positive, the Jazz have been in every game, just haven't been able to close it out.  These games will help the team as the season progresses.  Oh and Philadelphia is 3-0.  Looks like we are in the drivers seat....

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