Monday, December 30, 2013

Jazz fans might want to rethink their win projections....Jazz get another one!

  Wow, the Jazz tried to give that one a way!  Great game and great to see the Jazz close out games.  Something this team has not been able to do the last couple of seasons.  The Jazz beat the Bobcats 83-80.  Brings the Jazz record to 10-24 with the Jazz heading in to a soft portion of their schedule with 10 of 12 at home.  The Jazz are going to have a chance to tally some wins...depends on who you are if that is a good thing for the Jazz.  Lets recap.....

  • Hayward in foul trouble early, 4 minutes in the first quarter 2 fouls.
  • Richard Jefferson has been playing really well.  
  • Alec Burks had 6 pts in the first quarter.  He is a much need spark off the bench.
  • Game tied after the first at 21.
  • Kanter was passing the ball really well tonight.  Double comes and he is making the right pass.
  • Jazz offensive rebounding in the first half was great.
  • Team defense was great, active hands.
  • Jazz up 8 at the half.
  • While I don't agree with all the minutes going to Richard Jefferson and Marvin Williams, both players are very good for this young team.  The leadership and game experience they bring has been huge in the wins.
  • Too bad Jefferson and Williams aren't/weren't here after this summers draft....
  • Jazz shot the 3 lights out thru 3 quarters.  Finished the night 8-21 38.1%
  • Marvin Williams was a monster on the boards, finished with 10 boards.
  • What is on Chris Douglas-Roberts head?
  • Alec Burks is a much better player with the starters, could be the additional weapons
  • Jazz really struggled the first 5 minutes of the 4th quarter.  Would like to see Trey be more assertive at times like that.
  • Coaching issues....Gordon had a mismatch with Ramon Sessions guarding him.  Jazz never went to him in the post.
  • 5 minutes left in the game, Trey hits a huge 3 and then follows it up with a big rebound on the defensive sequence....key plays.
  • Al Jefferson really wanted to beat the Jazz tonight.
  • Ty is clearly coaching to win.
  • Trey Burke made all the big plays down the stretch.  The 3, the rebound and the runner as the shot clock expired, kid has swag!
  • Gordon Hayward was scoreless in the second half, other than the 2 free-throws at the end.
  • Derrick Favors only had 4 boards but played great defense all night.  Changed shots in the paint and made Al work.
  Great win for the Jazz!  It was a fun game to watch and this team is really developing.  Interesting point tonight from Matt Harpring.  He made comments about the Bobcats and the number of lottery picks that they have had and the fact that the players they have picked are not "difference makers".  Kidd-Gilchrist and Zeller were two of the players that he named specifically.  He made the point that they were a #2 and #4 pick respectively and that Charlotte should have done more "due diligence".  I can't agree more.  Where ever the Jazz end up in the up coming draft, the Jazz will need to do their home work and find that piece that can take this team back to the playoffs and hopefully compete for a championship.  Nice win Jazz!

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