Thursday, October 31, 2013

W's are nice, but the Jazz needed the experience...

  The Jazz fall to the Oklahoma City Thunder 101-98.  The Jazz were in this game despite 22 turnover and 42 pts from Kevin Durrant.  Here are a few thoughts on a hard fought game.

  • Rudy Gobert is really going to push Kanter and will actually make both of them better.  
  • Derrick Favors is playing much better with the contract situation behind him.
  • Defensive rotations were really good tonight.
  • The Jazz moved the ball really well in the first half.  Finished the game with 25 assists
  • Favors and Kanter did not rebound well tonight despite the #'s.  The 2nd half was better.
  • Kanter needs to be more assertive in every aspect of his game.  Needs to use his NASTY!
  • Despite the 22 turnovers and the 2nd best player in the league getting 42 the Jazz were right there.
  • Ty made a great situational coaching call with the Jazz down 2 with 40 seconds left, called a time out and set up a play.  Unfortunately Durrant got a hand on it and forced a turnover.  This is something Ty did not do well last season.  Its good to see progression from him and the staff.  His one mistake was taking Alec Burks out with about 7 minutes left.  But Alec did look gassed.
  • Mike Harris may have sealed his own deal for the year with his all-around play.
  • Everyone play better with rhythm, but this more important for Alec.  He will be a far better shooter overall when he gets rhythm.
  • Could the contract situation be weighing on Gordon?  I think so.....
  • Foul trouble killed the wings, we really need Rush and Williams soon.
  • Lastly, Jazz did lose but Philly I guess that is like a win for the Jazz and the race for #1
  The game was a great game to watch.  Guys battled all the way.  I am not sure if I can handle 81 more close games!  Luckly they won't all be nail bitters but I think the Jazz will be in a lot more of those then people think.  Go Jazz!!!

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