Friday, November 15, 2013

The Y's Senior Squad closes out the youth Jazz in the 4th.

  "Old Men" Duncan and Ginobili were carried tonight by there younger counter part Tony Parker, as the San Antonio Spurs beat the Utah Jazz 91-82.  The final score is not indicative of how the game really went.  The Jazz led this game and were the aggressor through 3 quarters.  Tony Parker took over in the fourth, and the Spurs benefited from a few "vet calls" tonight.  Lets take a look...

  • Alec Burks did a good job starting as a point guard.
  • The hardest thing for Alec is trying to switch from PG to SG.  Getting Trey back and the addition of Garrett will really help Alec play his natural position.
  • The first quarter as a whole was fantastic.  Great offense and defense.  Jazz scored 29 to Spurs 16.
  • End of the first brought some questionable substitutions.  JL3, Garrett, Harris all on the court at the same time?
  • Early in the 2nd that Jazz shooting to many jumpers.  They were great in the post, not sure why they went away from it.
  • Effort on the boards was good.  Specifically from Favors and Kanter
  • Jazz had very active hands on defense.  A number of deflections, finished with 9 steals as a team.
  • Foul trouble hurt the bigs and Alec down the stretch.
  • Jazz played 3 quarters....
  • Hayward finished with 9 rebs but missed a few of assignments on the defensive glass.  His man secured a handful of offensive rebounds.
  • Gordon shoots 5-23 from the field, 1-7 from 3.  Missed a lot of wide open shots.
  • Late 3rd Kanter drove hard twice, got shot blocked that appeared to be fouled, no calls.
  • Jazz gave this one away, shot 38.2% from the field.
  • Favors was a MONSTER 20 pts 18 rebs 3 blocks 3 steals 2 assists.
  • 18 turnovers again.....
  • VET CALLS Spurs shoot 22 free-throws to the Jazz 11.  Jazz appeared to be the aggressor the entire night, so not sure about the discrepancy.
  • Tony Parker NEVER tries to land on his feet.  He hits the ground on almost every drive to tries to get the foul calls.  This was the case tonight.
  • Kanter was solid again on the defensive glass.
  • Richard Jefferson play 43+ minutes....this is not good, as it will take a toll on RJ as the season goes on.
  • Gobert in just of 3 minutes had 5 boards!
  The Jazz just gave this one away with the lack of shooting.  I thought Alec was solid at the PG as a starter.  To be honest he has been the best PG we have had all season.  That being said, its hard for him to transition when substitutions are made and Ty moves him to the 2.  His mindset has to change completely.  Hayward clearly frustrated tonight knowing that he missed way too many shots he normally makes.  The Kanter Favors duo continues to improve and seem to be gelling..  Disappointing to lose but can't say that we expected the Jazz to win this one.  This was definitely a glass half full game tonight even with the loss.

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