Monday, December 23, 2013

Picks 14-31 in the 2014 NBA Draft....Who do you want?

  The much anticipated 2014 NBA Draft is still months away.  Well for that matter, we aren't even in the year 2014 yet.  This draft has been all the talk of the NBA season for some teams, as well as the majority of College Basketball.

  I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with the names Parker, Wiggins, Randle.  As well as Embiid, Gordon, Smart and Exum. These players will be scrutinized and pick at till their name is called by Adam Silver on draft day.  It depends on who you talk to, as far as a consensus #1, thus why I am not going to get in to that debate now.  There is plenty of NBA and College season left to determine needs of teams, possible injuries and the unfortunate "tanking" of clubs in the NBA,

  So I thought it would be fun (specifically for Jazz fans, but pertains to all fans) to take a look at picks 14-31.  For the Utah Jazz, they will own 2 picks in this range.  The #14 pick is technically the final pick in the lottery and is currently owned by the Jazz thanks to the Golden State Warriors being outside the playoffs (lose W's lose)  The Jazz also have the 31st pick, which will be the first pick in the 2nd round.  I will try to highlight a few players every couple of weeks if possible.

  So without taking into account need, contracts, free-agency etc. let's look at some intriguing names.....

Doug McDermott- 6'7" 225 lbs Small Forward Senior
  McDermott had the opportunity this summer to play with the USA Select team.  The same team Favors and Hayward played with.  There were two names the USA brass said stood out, one being Gordon Hayward the other was Doug McDermott.  McDermott is an average athlete at best, but makes up for that with his unbelievable basketball IQ and effort.  McDermott is a good shooter and a good rebounder for his size.  McDermott may be the ideal pick in the 14-31 range.  Granted may not have the upside that some teams may look for, but you know what you are going to get and the kid will be a solid NBA rotation player.

Tyler Ennis- 6'2" 180 lbs 6' 5" wing span Point Guard Freshman

  Tyler Ennis is a player that seems to be climbing some draft boards.  He is a point guard with good size and great length.  His pace of play and game as a whole, remind me of a Deron Williams.  Ennis is not a superior athlete but a capable one.  Very craft with the ball, has a good stroke and is a willing passer.

Dario Saric- 6'10" 225 Small Forward

  Saric is a player that many thought last year could have been a top 5 pick in the draft.  Saric chose to pull out of the draft last minute as he could not secure a high enough pick for his liking.  This may have hurt Saric's value as he is now with such a highly touted draft class.  Which in turn will play in some teams favor that will be picking in the middle of the draft.  Saric is 19 yrs old with a good frame and a great all-around game. Currently in the Adriatic League, Saric is averaging 30 mins, 13.6 pts, 7.4 rebs and 2.5 assists a game.  May be a mistake to let this kid slip past you.....

  Other names to consider in this group include, Mitch McGary, Adriaen Payne, CJ Wilcox, Semaj Christon, Vasilje Micic, Markell Brown, Perry Ellis, Montrezl Harrell, Jordan Clarkson.

  They say that this is going to be the deepest draft we have seen in years.  I totally agree.  There are going to be a number of players that are going to be late first, early second rounders that are going to be good NBA pros.  This is the year that NBA execs need to do lots of homework as the will be able to find a guy that can help there team at almost any position in the draft.  The only thing that may weaken this draft is if players decide to go back to school.  As a Jazz fan, here's to hoping everyone declares!

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